How to Get Over an Ex if You Are Still Attracted to Them

Getting over an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can be tough, especially if you are still attracted to them. Whatever it was that ended the relationship, does not completely end the attraction between two people. Attraction keeps you tied to an ex-partner, which can make it extremely difficult to end the relationship for good. Remind yourself that your current ex won't be the last person you will ever be attracted to, and move on.

Still being attracted to your ex is a big challenge. Be careful not to downgrade to a platonic friendship. Understand it is unrealistic being friends with an ex because you may end up in precarious situations, which can pull at your heartstrings. Break off the relationship completely to prevent false hope. Consider that being tied romantically with an ex will be unfair to the next person you meet.

Being dumped often leaves you with questions of why and hopes of getting back together. Be weary of second chances with an ex, because convenience tends to be a motivating factor. Be careful of an ex from keeping you hanging on because you are a sure thing. Break it off! Why be a second choice. You are better than that. Besides, you've got a better chance meeting someone who really is into you and puts you first than trying to get back with an ex who could careless.

Ignore phone calls, text messages, emails or any other form of contact from an ex. Avoid answering or responding to messages. Move on and let them go. Believe that if you were supposed to be together, it would have worked out, and you would be together. It's really that simple.

Make a list of everything your ex did that drove you crazy, including the things that were deal breakers in the relationship. When you are alone, it is easy to be optimistic and rationalize the behavior of your ex, assuming this time around will be easier dealing with the bad stuff. Second chances in relationships usually don't work out, and will often give you a stronger assurance that the reasons you broke up in the first place were right. Pay attention the red flags in a relationship, decide without regrets and move on. Remember, good looks and great chemistry can't fix the problems in a relationship, nor save it.

Forgetting about the bad in a relationship is easy, especially when a lot of time has gone by. The saying, "time heals all wounds" is probably why a lot of people try to get back together years later. However, the reasons why the breakup happened in the first place often appear soon after reuniting. Reunions can work especially if each person has made positive changes or if the timing is better. Live life in the present moment, and keep past relationships in the past. Avoid wasting precious time on someone who does not recognize and love all of your unique and beautiful qualities.

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  • Never settle until you find someone who enhances your life in a positive way.


  • Don't call, text, email, google, Myspace, Facebook or Twitter your ex. It's just plain torture for yourself. Move on instead so you can find someone great!

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