How to Overcome Dating Phobia

Dating phobia is a common problem that affects both males and females. The underlying cause varies. You may deal with a social phobia, which makes dating difficult. Then again, your problem may be fear of commitment, in which you shy away from a serious relationship.

Recognize that you have a problem. Before you can take steps to overcome a dating phobia, you need to recognize the problem, and attempt to pinpoint the underlying cause.

Rehearse a dating scenario. People with social phobias tend to avoid uncomfortable situations, such as dating. Before your scheduled date, grab a friend or relative and role play potential scenarios. Practice different conversation starters.

Deal with the fear, rather than avoid the situation. The best way to deal with any type of phobia is to attack the problem head-on. Likewise, this advice applies to dating phobia. Take the initiative and ask someone out on a date, or accept an invitation.

Talk with a professional therapist. Sometimes, overcoming a dating phobia isn't that simple. If the thought of dating creates panic and intense anxiety, it's time to talk with a therapist. They can help you deal with social fears, fear of rejection and fear of commitment. In this case, therapists usually recommend group sessions, which can help decrease social phobias.

Take prescription medication to ease anxiety. The solution to dating phobia can be as simple as taking anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants. These drugs regulate and balance your mood.

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