How to Overcome Love Failure

love failure hurts!love failure hurts!

Failure in love is a heartbreaking experience especially when a person has to go through it so many times in his life. Some people got so hurt that they dread falling in love again in order to avoid another traumatic experience. The following are some suggestions how to overcome love failure and become a better you:

Step 1

Surround yourself with people who love and care for you. You can get depressed after a love failure but it gets better when you reach out to others who will sympathize and lift you up. Their presence and support can help you heal faster.

Step 2

Reprogram your mind. When you went through several relationships and all of them ended, chances are you had a big influence for their demise. Examine your beliefs about love and correct any wrong misconceptions. You attract what you believe and what you fear most. If your mind constantly thinks you will always be a failure in love, you will be. Change your thought patterns and expect happiness and rewarding experience when love knocks at your door again.

Step 3

Guard your heart. Most heartache is caused by impulsive decisions. A quote in the bible aptly instructs, "Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires". Jumping from one romantic relationship to another is not only exhaustive. Every time you involve yourself in a love relationship, you give a part of yourself which you can never take back. So be wiser in your choices to save yourself from more disappointments.

Step 4

Examine your inner need for love. Can you honestly say to yourself that you love yourself and receive love from others who care for you? You can draw strength from these sources to help you overcome the failure that is currently hurting you. Else, if your need is not met in this area, you have to work harder to heal from the inside before you can be truly healed from love failure.

Step 5

Pray for the one who is truly meant for you and be prepared. Doing things your own without guidance often leads to regrets especially involvement in romantic relationships. Connect yourself with God and let Him guide and lead you to the right person. You may have to wait longer, but if your faith is strong, you will receive what you asked in time and when you have it, you will never fail in love again.

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Things You Will Need

  • Faith
  • Optimism

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