How to Overcome An Obsession With Dating

Almost everyone knows someone like this. The serial dater doesn't just go from one relationship to the next, they go through person after person on a nightly basis. If you are the type who isn't even "in love with being in love" and simply just like to go out to dinner, the movies and have the attention of a new escort every time; it can be quite challenging to change. It is important to learn how to overcome an obsession with dating however, in order to create and build real lasting relationships.

Take stock in what it is about going out with different partners that appeals to you so much. Be honest with yourself as to if it's the excitement of going to new places and meeting new people, or if there may be an underlying emotional problem of needing the attention because of low self-esteem.

Start hanging out more with members of the same gender (or opposite if you are homosexual) when going out. Join local clubs or groups to meet new friends if you do not have an established friendship circle.

Try taking yourself out a few times in order to gage whether you are truly comfortable in your own skin (which could be at the root of your obsession with dating). Go to the movies or dinner alone to learn how to enjoy your own company as much as you do that of others.

Keep a journal of your feelings during your "outings" by yourself and on your dates. Record what makes you feel good, your emotional responses of being lonely, what makes you crave the type of company that you do and any specific traits that all of your escorts have in common to attract you in the first place (or if you'll just accept any invitation to go out for the thrill of the attention that you're receiving).

Seek out professional help if you feel that you just can't handle the thought of being alone on a Friday or Saturday night. If you feel that your obsession with dating has turned into an addiction, the first step is admitting the problem to yourself and being brave enough to do something about it.

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  • If you are the type of serial dater that also has many sexual partners, it is important to protect yourself from disease. If you feel that you have a sex addiction that is endangering the emotional and physical health of yourself and others, contact "Sex Addicts Anonymous" for help.

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