How to Overcome a Relationship Breakup With Spirituality

Meditation can ease the pain of a breakup.Meditation can ease the pain of a breakup.

There are few life experiences more painful than the breakup of a long-term relationship. Although there is no way to completely avoid the sadness that accompanies a failed romance, aligning with a spiritual system can help blunt the edge of suffering and help you find the perspective to move on.

Try prayer. Whether you pray to the god you worshiped in church during your childhood or choose instead to think of it as communing with your higher self, research has shown that having a conversation with a power greater than you has many healing benefits.

Engage in meditation and visualization. Reduced to its simplest terms, meditation involves emptying the mind of thoughts while following the pattern of breath. It's easier said than done, but the benefits range from lower blood pressure to enhanced overall mental health. By meditating, you can both curb the stress of a breakup and open your mind to a greater understanding of why the breakup occurred. Visualization, a more specifically directed form of meditation, takes it a step further. Many experts offer creative visualization exercises for overcoming a breakup. For example, you can visualize cords connecting you with your former partner, and then picture yourself gently cutting the cords.

Consult a spiritual adviser. Sometimes we need the help that only an expert can provide to process painful life events. The form this expertise takes varies according to your personal beliefs. You may seek counseling from a clergy member, or at another end of the spectrum, you can contact a reputable psychic. Always consider the source, and be appropriately skeptical of the advice. But you never know who will offer the exact right words at the right time.

Conduct rituals. Your impulse to cleanse your environment of all traces of your former partner is a good one; it can be cathartic to engage in tangible closure activities. For example, round up all the gifts your ex gave you and put them in a box in a remote corner of the attic. Or, more dramatically, throw them out entirely.

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