How to know if you have a past life connection with someone

When you have an instant connection with someone from a past life, the mystery of who you are starts to unravel.When you have an instant connection with someone from a past life, the mystery of who you are starts to unravel.

You walk into a room and you see him. Your eyes lock. There is something very familiar about this person yet this is the first time you have ever seen him. It's unexplainable connections like this that could be a result of a shared past life with someone. If you think this sounds like nonsense, there's tons of scientific evidence dealing with the subject matter. Pioneers in the field of past life transgressions like Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton say there are many ways to tell if someone in your life could have been part of your past.


Sparks may fly when you meet someone from your past life.

Keep an open mind when meeting any new person. It's important to focus on the eyes during any new introduction. The eyes will either pull you in or do nothing.

Since ancient times, the eyes have been considered the window to our soul.

Stay in the moment. If the eyes pull you in, don't judge what you're experiencing. See where the conversation takes you.

When you meet someone from your past life, you might feel like you are entering the twilight zone.

Pay close attention to the person's body language and yours as well. For no reason at all, you may feel like time stops when you're talking to this person. You might get nervous and anxious. Just stay with these feelings.

Journaling will enable you to become more conscious of your feelings.

Journal your experiences. If there is a strong connection, more than likely you have just met someone from a past life. There should be a knowing within you. You may want to deny it but inside you just know.

Hypnosis can help unravel past lives but it may take several sessions.

Visit a hypnotist who specializes in past life transgressions if you want to find out the details of your connection. A hypnotist can help you discover your past and even heal parts of it that may be interfering in your life today.

Shared Life Experiences

Keep an open dialogue with people. If you have a connection with someone you just met, you can get to know them better by asking them questions about their life. In return, answer their questions honestly. If there are any similarities, make a mental note.

Journal your conversation. Write down what was similar and what was different. Make sure to write down the details of what was talked about.

Keep in touch with this person and discover more similarities that you have in common. You may decide there was not enough of a connection to continue. Whatever you decide, stay disciplined in your awareness and journal all your experiences.

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  • Not all connections from our past lives are good connections. Sometimes you may meet a person who was an enemy of yours in a past life. The lesson of the relationship will make itself known as you spend more time together.

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