Physical Signs of an Abusive Dating Relationship

Those who find themselves in an abusive relationship feel trapped, as if there is no way to escape their current situation. Others don't even realize that they are part of a toxic partnership. Oftentimes, the signs of abuse extend beyond one partner striking the other. Listed below are signs that an abusive dating relationship is taking place.

Forced Changes

When one partner is forced to dress or act in a certain way, especially a way that is in direct contrast to their natural personality, this can be a sign of an abusive relationship.


Witnessing extreme mood swings from one partner in the relationship, such as one moment complimenting and the next moment threatening any sort of harm, is another indicator of an abusive relationship.


The abuse of drugs and alcohol by one or both members of the relationship can point to greater trouble behind closed doors.

Projecting Anger

Sometimes direct physical abuse is not present, rather the abusing partner will take anger out physically on family members, pets or friends.

Direct Contact

Physical roughness, such as pushing, pulling and restraining, are clear signs of an abusive dating relationship.

Controll Through Shame

The degradation of one partner in front of others or alone, such as calling her fat or calling him dumb and stupid, is symptomatic of abuse.

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