How to Physically Flirt With a Girl

It is often said that there is nothing like young love. This is because each moment, each stolen glance is new, fresh and exciting. But once eye contact has been made, and it's clear that there's interest from both parties, it's time to ratchet it up a notch and start flirting physically. Here are some tips on how to physically flirt with a girl.

Go for a long walk and gently grab her hand. Hand holding is one of the more basic forms of physical flirting. Simply reach over and take her hand in yours. Most women find this comforting and sweet.

Give the girl a hug. Now that you've held hands and started to establish a closeness between you, the natural next step is to say "hello" and "good-bye" to each other with a hug. A nice firm hug (that doesn't linger too long) is often welcome.

Dance with the girl on the dance floor. Whether it is fast or slow, dancing together can be highly erotic and flirtatious. Don't be a wall flower and let someone else dance with her. Hit the floor and ask.

Play footsies with each other. This is admittedly juvenile and probably something that may get a weird reaction, but it can also do the trick. Repeatedly tap her feet under the table until the two of you are playing footsies. The fun of this is doing it while no one is looking.

Tickle each other in a tickle fight. This move can often lead to a first kiss. As you take turns tickling each other, ending up in each other's arms in close proximity just tends to happen.

Play with her hair. This is especially good if you are hanging out watching a movie. Have the girl place her head in your lap and gently strike her hair.

Give the girl a massage to flirt with her physically. This is the king move among flirting because often a massage blurs the line from friendly to sexual. Start with a massage and see where it leads. Just remember to listen and respond to her body. Don't push too hard, otherwise it's a nuisance not relaxing.

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  • Being a romantic never hurts. Couple your physical flirting with a great night out. Walking on the beach or going to dinner never gets old. Bring a single rose for her as well.


  • Flirting with a girl who isn't into you is not flirting, it's called harassment. If she is not into you, move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Don't slap the girl in the butt. It's tacky and often breeds an unwanted response.

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