How to Pick Up Girls Even If You're Fat

Just because you are overweight doesn't mean you can't pick up girls. Even the most physically fit guy in the world couldn't pick up girls if he didn't have the right attitude or any confidence in himself. Sometimes having an upbeat attitude, a sense of humor, dressing well and being a really good friend are ways you can attract girls. If you are overweight and longing for female companionship, there are several things you can do to get a girl's attention.

Step 1

Be confident. A lack of confidence and low self-esteem can really be a turn-off. For instance, if you're at a party and sulking by yourself in the corner of the room because you don't believe you are good enough to be there, this attitude will show through and chances are, no one will want to associate with you. Being confident means not being afraid to put yourself on the line and mingle with girls. Introduce yourself and, most importantly, ask questions. Show that you have a genuine interest in getting to know her. Ask about her studies, family or favorite places to travel.

Step 2

Show humor. People love to laugh, and telling jokes or funny anecdotes is a great way to break the ice; however, avoid overused, corny pick-up lines. Even if you aren't a naturally comical guy, do your research. Look for funny jokes, ad-libs or stories you can tell at just the right moment. If you are at first uncomfortable with trying to be a comedian, watch a friend or someone you know who is good at it and apply some of their strategies to your own.

Step 3

Dress up. If you think you aren't good-looking enough to get a girl's attention just because you are overweight, you will surely turn her off by dressing like a slob. If you are going to a party or another get-together where you know girls will be in attendance, avoid wearing T-shirts and sweat outfits. Instead, dress up. You don't necessarily have to wear a tuxedo and bow tie, but a fitting sweater, or a button-down shirt and a nice pair of slacks will dress you up well. Not only will dressing up make you more attractive, it will also build confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

Step 4

Be a friend. Most guys hate being "just friends," but being a friend has its advantages. Don't assume the first girl who talks to you wants to jump right into a relationship. Be a friend to her, be there for her when she needs you, even if she has a boyfriend. If her relationships don't work out, she might one day realize you were always there for her, no matter what. Besides, many lasting romantic relationships are built on a foundation of friendship.

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