How to Pick Up Girls on the Internet

Finding dates with women online is much quicker and simpler than going out into the world and hanging around bars and clubs. Online, it is much easier to start a conversation and ultimately maintain confidence in order to pick up women. Picking up women may take time and effort, but it can be done with the proper steps.

Set up an e-mail account on a free website such as AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN. You may create one on each of these websites if desired. This will allow you to contact more women than on just one website and keep in touch with them through e-mail as well as on IM and chats.

Create a profile on each of these websites and add the most flattering picture of yourself as well as information about you that women may find intriguing. This includes your job, hobbies, where you live, if you have children, and other relevant information.

Search for a dating website that has a built-in chat. Conduct a web search with the following words: "dating site" and "chat." Sign up for the website and create a profile. Some of these dating websites do require a monthly membership fee. Try to avoid the websites that require a fee for each message sent.

Begin chatting in the chat rooms. Choose a chat room that applies to some of your interests. This will also help you pick up women who have the same interests as you. Engage in the conversation and wait for a woman to respond. Send her a private or instant message for a more personal one-on-one conversation.

Gather information on the women you meet in subtle ways. This includes viewing their profiles, looking at their photos, and more. Sometimes it is not right to immediately ask a woman for her age or her measurements, so simply ask subtle questions to get the information you seek. For example, if you want to know how old she is, try to bring up a subject about when you graduated from high school (if you're talking about your past, jobs, etc.) and then ask when she graduated.

Choose the women that you have taken the most interest in and begin talking to a few of them exclusively on a regular basis. Taking this approach will allow you to get to know the women more personally without getting them mixed up.

Ask the women for their phone numbers. This may take some time depending on the women you are speaking with. Some may be more aggressive than others, so take your time and find out more about them. Once a woman seems as though she would like to get closer, ask her for her digits.

Speak on the phone with the women you have been chatting with. After the two of you have become comfortable talking on the phone, suggest on meeting up somewhere. This may take a month or so. Plan to meet this person in a public place (to make her comfortable as well as to avoid any "psychos" you may encounter online). Do not simply leave if you see that a woman does not fit your physical criteria; try to give her a chance, and you might hit it off.

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  • Create catchy user names. Choose a name that says something positive about you. Your user name may include your name, location, age, or perhaps a hobby that you enjoy. Including just your name is not as attention catching as other names. For example, Blazing_Biker would catch more attention than Michael2009. A way to tell that a woman is interested in leveling up your relationship would be if she says things like, "I missed you all day" or "I wish I could hear your voice."


  • Never meet someone who you've met online in a private area such as your home or theirs. It is always smart and responsible to meet in a public area in case something goes wrong or if the person is not who she says she is.

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