How to Pick Up Women

Men often find it challenging to ask women out on dates. Some men break out in a sweat. Others start shaking at the prospect of talking to the ladies they admire. Their tongue gets tied, causing the guy to become a stuttering bundles of nerves. Follow these easy steps to making that first move.

Change the way you think. View asking the woman out as asking a friend to hang out and have fun. Be positive. Be yourself.

Practice suggesting that you go to have a drink or coffee together. The coffee/drink suggestion takes the pressure off better than offering to take her out for dinner because it is more casual.

Pick a time when you can talk to her in person. You can read her body language.

Call her if you are unable to ask her out in person. Relax.

Smile. Greet her cheerfully. Remind her where you met, if she barely knows you. Show enthusiasm.

Start by talking about things you have in common, like the last time you talked to her. Ask questions and listen to her. Show her that you have a sense of humor.

Watch her body language, especially eye contact. If she constantly avoids your eyes, she may be looking for a way out.

Use the line you practiced, after you have talked to her for a few minutes and she seems relaxed. Make that drink or coffee offer a statement instead of a question.

Ask her the types of drinks she likes and the names of coffee shops, barsvor clubs she prefers. Relax. Suggest a location based on her preference and set a meeting time. Exchange telephone numbers.

Continue to talk to her, if she pretends to not hear the suggestion or she says "No." Keep the emotion in check. Remember that you may win her over later.

Give her your number so she can call you later, if she is unwilling to commit to a date and time. Continue to talk casually.

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  • Avoid sending an email or text message to ask her out. That could easily backfire and be viewed as cowardly or creepy.

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