How to Pick Up Women at Work

It's important to tread carefully when trying to pick a woman up at work. Not only does a man need to worry about harassment charges, but if things go wrong each of you may be left feeling uncomfortable around the other. Before attempting a pickup line or moving forward with flirting, be sure it's the right thing to do and at the right time.

Say hello as you walk past her at work. This is the first step to making it known that you are interested. Be sure to say hello each morning or a few times throughout the day. This short and sweet exchange can be conducted appropriately as you pass the woman in the hallway, in the employee lounge or possibly in the elevator.

Smile at her. Make it known that you are smiling at her and not a person standing nearby. Do not go overboard, just a quick and simple smile will do. Women do not want to feel threatened in any way. She may surprise you and smile back.

Compliment her on a job well done. Perhaps the two of you are working in the same office or on a project together. Do not go overboard on compliments, but make it known that you respect the work the woman is doing or has done.

Ask her out for a bite to eat. It is common for coworkers to enjoy a quick lunch together. Consider inviting a group of coworkers, which may make the situation less tense. Wait a few days, or even longer, and ask her out again. A lunch routine may develop between the two of you.

Request a date. Be sure she realizes you're not talking about the usual lunch date. Take into consideration the time and place to ask her out. A private phone call or even an e-mail may be appropriate in this situation.

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  • A drink after work may be an appropriate first date.


  • Refrain from telling buddies or coworkers that you want to pick a certain woman up at work. It is only natural for people to gossip, especially in the workplace. If rumors begin, the woman may be become overly cautious, which may put an end to any future dates. Be sure you understand company policies in regard to employee dating.
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