How to Know if a Pisces Likes You

A Pisces likes to talk about his feelings.A Pisces likes to talk about his feelings.

A Pisces is a kind and compassionate soul, and one that is easy to fall in love with. But how do you know if she likes you back?

Pay attention to a Pisces' mood, as they can be sensitive and moody at times. If a Pisces likes you, he will try to talk to you about his feelings.

Ask her if she has any artwork or music she would like to share with you. Pisces are often artistic, so if they share with you, they probably like you.

Determine if your Pisces has given you more space than you are generally comfortable with. A Pisces will hold those near and dear to them close, so too much space can be a problem. Not a lot of space will mean he likes you.

Make your Pisces laugh; they are a happy people, love jokes and laughter, and have a sense of humor.

Notice if your Pisces confides her hopes and dreams in you. Pisces tend to have wild and lofty imaginations, and confiding their dreams and ambitions in you is a sure sign that they like you.

Stay faithful. A Pisces is very home-loving and loyal, and will want the same in his partner

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