How to Plan a Romantic Asian Dinner

Looking to impress a new love or rekindle an old flame but not sure how? Plan and execute a romantic Asian cuisine dinner for two!

Create an invitation for your planned evening. Use a website such as Invitation Land or Bright Hub to create an invitation. Place your invite somewhere it will be found in a timely manner by your loved one.

Plan your dinner menu. Be sure to include appetizers and drinks. Using your fingers to eat with or playfully feed your partner is very romantic. There are many recipes online to fit your menu should you decide to cook instead of ordering takeout. Asian cuisine offers a variety of delicious appetizers, such as crispy wrapped shrimp, spicy pork rolls or chicken lettuce wraps.

Decorate your seating area. Stay with the Asian theme. Try sitting on the floor or a low table. Include props such as Chinese tea cups or chopsticks. Adorn the table and immediate area with candles and rose petals.

Dress for the occasion. Wear an outfit you know your partner likes to see you in, or choose something that is in his favorite color.

Prepare your food. Give yourself plenty of time if you are cooking yourself or to pick it up from a favorite restaurant. Keep the main dishes warm by placing them inside of a warmed oven.

Light the candles. Chill the drinks. Set the table. Choose your music. All of these will create a romantic atmosphere.

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Things You Will Need

  • Printer
  • Beverages
  • Candles
  • Roses
  • Chopsticks
  • Romantic music


  • Try a new Asian cuisines you're not accustomed to for a new experience.

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