How to Plan a Romantic Chinese Night of Sevens Dinner

Chinese Night of Sevens is a holiday for lovers similar to Valentines Day in the United States. Night of Sevens is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month on the Chinese calendar. A great way to celebrate Night of Sevens is to plan a romantic dinner for your special someone.

Build anticipation for your dinner by sending your lover a written invitation. Slip the invitation into your date's coat pocket or purse so she finds it when you are not with her.

Plan to be alone for your romantic Night of Sevens dinner. If you have children arrange to have them spend the night with a relative or hire a babysitter.

Set the table for your dinner using a tablecloth, cloth napkins and your best china. Adding flowers to the table is a nice touch. Light unscented candles so the scent does not interfere with the aroma of the meal.

Choose your menu. Keep it simple so you don't have to spend too much time cooking and serving. Pick dishes that you know your date likes, do not experiment with new recipes. Don't forget dessert.

Pick your music and listen to it ahead of time to make sure you made the right choice. Have romantic music playing quietly in the background while you are eating dinner.

Look your best. Allow extra time to get ready for your Chinese Night of Seven dinner. Take a bubble bath to help yourself relax and put on some of your favorite perfume or cologne. Wear an outfit that your date has complimented you on in the past or buy something new for the occasion.

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