How to Plan a Romantic Day in Los Angeles

Whether you are preparing to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary or want to come up with the ideal first date, it isn't difficult to plan a romantic day in Los Angeles. This city offers a variety of entertainment and cultural activities to help make a romantic occasion memorable. In fact, the chief difficulty might be in deciding what you choose to do from the many options.

Organize your excursion by thinking about the places and things that your date likes. For example, if she enjoys art you could plan a visit to the Getty Museum. If she loves old films, include the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, since it specializes in the oldies. Make arrangements in advance.

Make reservations at a romantic restaurant. You can choose from a variety of different restaurant types in Los Angeles, from high-end cuisine to quiet sidewalk cafes and outdoor vendors. In Beverly Hills, try Wolfgang Puck's famous Spago, while if you like sushi, you can try the Asenebo near Universal Studios.

Visit the sites that make Los Angeles a tourist hotspot. Visitors flock to see Universal Studios, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame or the Los Angeles Zoo. Plan a day that lets your date experience the many exciting and memorable locations Los Angeles has to offer. Consider a nighttime helicopter ride to really see the stars.

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