Plan for a Romantic Dinner at Home

Planning a romantic dinner at home doesn't require that there be a special occasion. You don't even have to be a great cook to plan a romantic dinner. Even if you can't cook, you can still put together a plan for a romantic dinner with simple recipes, or you can purchase gourmet meals. All it takes is having a plan of action and some creativity to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for a dinner at home.


Make sure that you will have enough time alone to enjoy dinner together. If you have children, arrange for them to have a babysitter, preferably at the babysitter's house. Plan your dinner for a day when your spouse will not have any schedule conflicts like work or prior commitments. Determine if you want the dinner to be a surprise dinner, or one that has an invitation. For a surprise dinner, light some candles in the entryway to your home to pique your spouse's curiosity.

For a dinner that is not a surprise, you can design an invitation and give it to your spouse. A handwritten note is fine. Leave it on your spouse's pillow, send it in the mail or send it with a bunch of flowers to your spouse's office. Be specific about the time and date for the dinner, and let your creative side come out when designing your invitation.

The Setting and Food

Create a romantic atmosphere by setting the table with real linens, including napkins. Use your best dinnerware and if you have crystal, use it. Buy some fresh flowers for a centerpiece and put candles in soft colors alongside the floral arrangement. Use pretty napkin holders or fold the napkins in a decorative way. Decorate the table with sprinkled glitter or rose petals for a romantic touch.

Choose your romantic dinner menu. This is not the time for recipe experimentation. An appetizer is a good touch, and will allow the meal to last longer. Choose a light, refreshing wine to accompany your meal. If you are ordering the meal from a restaurant, give yourself enough time to transfer the food to serving dishes.

Music and Lighting

Pick out romantic music that you both enjoy, in advance. Have the music playing softly in the background as you enjoy your dinner together. Create romantic lighting in your dining area by stringing some small white Christmas lights around the room. Candlelight is another good option. Consider using candles throughout the room, not just on the dining table, to create a romantic mood. A lit fireplace offers the perfect lighting feature for a romantic, intimate dinner.

Make sure you remove and turn off all distractions such as the television, phones and the computer.


Choose an appropriate outfit to wear. For women, a soft dress in a luxurious fabric will work well. Men will want to dress in nice khakis with a sweater or a suit.

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