How to Plan a Romantic Evening

Planning a romantic evening for your partner is fun and exciting. The evening does not need to be expensive, but it should show how much you care and appreciate your partner. Follow the simple directions below to plan a sincere and meaningful romantic evening for the special someone in your life.

Arrange a night out on the town. Make a list of all the places your partner will enjoy. Pick out a place that holds a fond memory or somewhere you have wanted to try. Reserve a table in advance. Other options include ordering a flower arrangement for the table and ask to have your partner's favorite drink ready when you arrive.

Plan an at-home romantic dinner. Plan a special menu with all of your partner's favorite foods. Do a 3 course dinner starting with appetizers and entrées ending with a special desert. Use lace table cloth, soft music, dimmed lighting or candles to set the romantic mood.

Enjoy a simple romantic night at home. Watch your partner's favorite movie and munch on a big bowl of buttered popcorn. Go for a long walk at the park or beach. Afterwards sit outside or by the fireplace and talk about things that your partner finds interesting.

Treat your partner to a spa visit. Reserve a day out at a spa or plan a relaxing massage at home. Proceed with dinner at home or at your partner's favorite restaurant.

Wear something appropriate for your romantic evening. Choose an outfit that your partner likes the best.

Keep the planning a secret. Do not let your partner get any hint of your plans. On the day of your romantic evening, leave messages or clues to meet you at the required place and surprise your partner with romantic gestures.

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  • For an in-home romantic evening, arrange for the kids to sleep at a friend's house.

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