How to Plan a Romantic Evening On a Budget

With gas prices on the rise and the economy on shaky ground, it is hard to justify spending money on "extras." However, if you consider that every relationship is an investment, you realize quickly that it is more than worth it. You can plan a romantic evening on even the strictest budgets.

Take a free trip together to the park. Romance doesn't require a lot of money. Just taking the time to be together can add romance to your relationship. Take a stroll around your local park--a simple process that can add quality to your love life without the worry of breaking the bank.

Candles set the mood. Nothing says romance like strategically placed candles. Light them, not only in the bedroom, but around the house, to create a romantic evening on a budget. The ambiance of candlelight is inexpensive and seductive.

Prepare dinner together. Enjoy togetherness through time spent in the kitchen. Follow up with flowers and dim lighting at the table. It is a fun way to enjoy a romantic evening together.

Take a drive together. An evening drive along a coastal highway or through quaint hills or the mountains can create a one-of-a-kind romantic evening on a budget. Who says you can't "park" at the close of the evening and kiss under the stars? Romance is a state of mind; it doesn't have to cost a penny.

Try writing a quick love note in eyeliner on the bathroom mirror or slipping a romantic card in your loved one's car. It's a great surprise and a romantic way to show you care.

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