How to Plan a Romantic Getaway to St. Augustine

One of the most romantic places to plan a getaway to is St. Augustine, Florida. This historical, old-fashioned, breathtaking city has so much to offer and is one of the top spots for romantic getaways. It is home of the Fountain of Youth, a seventeenth-century fortress, numerous additional historical landmarks throughout, trolleys, trains, tours, fabulous boutique and eateries, not to mention superb beaches. If you are interested in learning how to plan a romantic getaway to St. Augustine, read the following steps to get some great ideas.

Write down the details. As with any planning, you must have a set budget for expenses and select a few dates to work with. You can make this getaway even more romantic by planning it during a “special anniversary” of some type such as first date, first kiss, monthly or yearly anniversary and so on. It will matter what you can do, as to how much money you have in your budget so plan accordingly.

Select your destination and work out the fine points. St. Augustine has a large amount of options available to you for accommodations for your romantic getaway. There are numerous historical bed and breakfast accommodations; beachside rooms, historical inns and several other options. A great place to start is online by doing a search. You can simply do a search on “St. Augustine romantic getaway” and start making your list. You will find an endless amount of options to choose from and should contact any of the places by phone, if you have any questions concerning your romantic getaway. Once you have found the perfect romantic accommodations for your getaway, take care of all of the details of selecting the dates and paying for it.

Employ your romantic partner's friends, family and coworkers in your getaway plans. A great way to add a real romantic twist to your getaway is to plan the trip secretly and present it to your romantic partner as a gift. You can easily do this by getting together with their boss to setup the needed time off and then surprise your partner with the details during a special occasion. You could also inform their family and friends to help you with any details, like packing, taking care of animals while you are away or anything else. You may give them a card announcing it during a romantic candlelit diner or buy a gift relating to the trip that you present to them. You could do this within hours of your departure and have their bags packed and ready to go.

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Things You Will Need

  • Romantic Partner
  • Budget
  • Pen and Paper
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Phone

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