How to Plan a Romantic Halloween Night

It is traditional to celebrate Halloween by taking children around the neighborhood to collect candy or by giving out candy of your own. Since there are no rules to Halloween, you can easily add a romantic element to the holiday. You can incorporate Halloween-themed activities or skip the tradition altogether. No matter if you are staying in, traveling the city, or attending a party, you can create a Halloween night for you both.

Halloween at Home

Spend time with your date carving fun faces into pumpkins using a carving kit and stencils. Try carving one another's name or romantic pictures into the pumpkins for one other.

Use the seeds from the pumpkins to roast over an open flame or salt and bake them. Make pumpkin pies or pumpkin flavored cupcakes with the leftover pumpkin filling.

Spend the remainder of the evening watching Halloween-themed movies together. Selecting a Halloween flick will provide a few laughs throughout the scary parts. Cuddle, eat pumpkin snacks and enjoy the remainder of the night together.

Touring the City

Drive around and view all the Halloween costumes and decorated houses. Point out the scary or funny costumes to your partner.

Stop in a private area and have a romantic Halloween picnic. Bring fall-themed foods such as apple cider, sandwiches cut with Halloween cookie cutters and Halloween cookies.

Visit a local corn maze or haunted house. Hold hands as you travel through the maze or house and exchange quick kisses in the darker areas.

Take a ghost tour if your city has organized one. You can travel the local attractions and listen to the eerie tales with your date.

Halloween Parties

Attend a party with your date but do not tell anyone what costume you will be wearing. You could go in individual costumes or go to the party dressed as a famous couple such as Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy.

Come to the party separately in order not to ruin the surprise. Use a sexy mask to disguise yourself and have guests wondering who you are. See how long it takes for people to recognize who you are.

Go home and enjoy the remainder of the night in your costume once the party is over. Enjoy a little bit of role-playing, which may very well lead to an interesting and steamy night.

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Things You Will Need

  • Fall-themed food
  • 2 pumpkins
  • Carving kit
  • Stencils
  • Costumes

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