How to Plan a Romantic Treasure Hunt

When you plan a romantic treasure hunt, keep in mind that presentation is everything. The items you include in the hunt, where you put them and even the clues you provide to your partner can all add to the romance. Follow these steps to plan a romantic treasure hunt.

Determine your partner's reward for successfully finding all of the items. A candlelight dinner or an intimate massage would be great rewards for a romantic treasure hunt.

Decide how to get your partner involved in the romantic treasure hunt. Let your partner know what to look for and what romantic reward he or she gets for finding all the items.

Make a list of romantic treasures. In general, small items that can be easily hidden work the best in a treasure hunt. Limit the list to no more than ten items.

Find good hiding places for the romantic treasures. Choosing locations that are special to you and your partner as a couple is a nice touch.

Gather the items you will be hiding as part of a romantic treasure hunt.

Do a dry run of the treasure hunt. Make sure the items can be found with a reasonable amount of effort. Adjust hiding places as necessary.

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  • Make sure a few of the items carry special significance to your partner. For example, the first birthday card you ever gave your partner would make a fine romantic treasure.
  • Choose hiding places that are accessible to your partner but that are unlikely to be disturbed by anyone else.

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