How to Plan a Romantic Indoor Beach Party

Plan a Romantic Indoor Beach Party! Want to have a little fun in the sun? The fun doesn't have to stop because the seasons are changing. You can still have a romantic beach party - indoors.

Set the stage. Select a romantic spot indoors and begin preparation. Spread a large indoor/outdoor blanket on the floor. Cover it with sand. If it's chilly outside, add some sunlamps for heat and illumination. Turn out all other lighting surrounding the "spot".

Food is so sexy...

Set up the food. Use a bed tray/tv table to display the goodies (the food goodies). Select foods that incite romance: Fruit with chocolate dipping sauce, shrimp cocktails and add some wine or champagne.

Dress the part. Adorn yourself in beach attire. Seeing a lady in sexy beach attire when it's chilly outside is the last thing he'll expect to see when he gets home.

Feed each other. Once you're comfortable with the arrangement, begin a little "foodplay" by feeding each other. It induces more romance if soft music is playing in the background and oral communication is kept to a minimum.

Dessert. When you've finished eating the food, start on each other.

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Things You Will Need

  • Special person
  • Beach paraphernalia
  • Fingerfoods
  • Sand
  • Toys (optional)


  • Themes and games keep life interesting, be creative.


  • No warnings. Life is a beach, so play in the sand!

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