How to Plan a Romantic Interlude

Plan your romantic interlude the way a director plans a movie. Every successful film depends on weaving each moment into a magical whole.

Make a budget for a romantic interlude. Making magic starts with hard economic facts.

Prioritize the following romantic interlude elements: setting, activities and extras. Decide which of these requires the most time and money to pull off.

Find the setting for the romantic interlude that fits the priority you set. Whether it is a hotel, a cruise ship or your favorite restaurant, your interlude calls for a backdrop that invokes romantic feelings.

Consider what activities work well in the setting you have chosen for your romantic interlude and fit the priority you assigned to this element. Dinner goes naturally with a restaurant, but does it work at a bowling alley?

Add in the extras. The extras maintain or enhance the mood established by the setting and activities.

Make a checklist of everything you need to purchase or rent for the romantic interlude, as well as preparations you need to do yourself. Include obtaining reservations and bookings in this list.

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Things You Will Need

  • Flowers
  • Wine


  • Make sure you book or reserve the setting in advance for the romantic interlude. Do not depend on luck.
  • Movie directors routinely develop rainy-day shooting schedules in case a planned shot is ruined by weather. Follow this example and design a low-cost plan B for your romantic interlude.

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