How to Plan a Romantic Night

A well-planned romantic night is a great way to express affection and surround your date and yourself with magic. Romance is all about timing, beauty and authenticity. And a bit of spontaneity too!Follow the steps below to plan a romantic night.

Planning a Romantic Night

Figure out what your date likes. What kind of smells, tastes and moods does he or she enjoy? What do you like, for yourself? If you don't know, ask! Knowing these things will assist you in finding locations where the two of you can be comfortable. If you are staying in, clean the house and light some candles. Make it cozy. Being comfortable means you can focus on each other.

Lighten the mood by having fun. Set aside part of your night for dancing or another playful activity. Sing karaoke, play music together or go to a comedy club. Laughter is healing and can draw you and your date closer.

Plan little surprises and unveil them over the course of the night. Give a small gift to your date. Break out a bottle of champagne. Bring your date somewhere unexpected and recite romantic poetry. Most importantly, be authentic about what you give. When your giving comes from the heart, romance abounds.

Plan to be spontaneous. Don't be attached to any of your plans. For instance, if you're driving to a restaurant, and you spy the beautiful moonlight shining on a lake, pull over. Share the moment with your date. Romance is magic that unfolds moment-to-moment. Know that whatever happens will be just perfect. Trust yourself.

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