How to Plan a Romantic Night With Your New Man

Plan a romantic date with your man.Plan a romantic date with your man.

Karaoke at a popular bar? Awesome tickets to a music concert? Not with your new man. Karaoke bars and concerts are loud; they don't allow you to talk to your new man and get to know him.

When you plan a romantic night with your new man, allow for plenty of time to get to know each other better by talking or by physical expressions of romance and affection.

Remember to take into account his preferences and personality and don't just make it all about you. Find common points of interests to make the date as exciting, fun and romantic as possible.

Going Out

Watching the night sky can be so romantic.

Find a place to stargaze. Plan a trip to a lookout point or out in the country for stargazing, talking and kissing. Try to find a "lover's point" that only you two know about. Build excitement in the date with the adventure of finding just the right spot in nature to drive to for privacy and stargazing.

You don't have to make love in the backseat, but you can put in a music CD that you both enjoy, talk, watch for shooting stars, talk some more, get to know each other better and kiss.

Watching the sunset makes for a very romantic night.

Plan a romantic hike in the early evening with your new man. Try timing a short hike or leisurely walk in the woods or on the beach so that you can end it as the sun sets. Watch a sunset together in a beautiful spot in nature for the ultimate in romance. You can talk in the quiet of the woods or the beach, relax and get to know each other better.

Dining at a fancy restaurant is romantic.

Make reservations at an upscale restaurant for a romantic night with your new man. Make sure that he knows it is a fancy restaurant so that he dresses appropriately. Talk over dinner, taking your time with the multi-course meal.

Go fishing with you new man to get to know him better.

Go fishing or boating in late afternoon or early evening with your new man.

You can get to know your new man better while the two of you fish, boat, hike, camp, birdwatch or sunbathe. Have fun with these outdoor activities that allow you to become more intimate with your new man.

Staying In

Candlelight is very romantic.

Light several candles in the house to set the stage for a romantic night with your new man.

If you have a hot tub, Jacuzzi or bathtub with jets, light candles in the room to add ambiance and romance. Use bubble bath or scented essential oils for added romance.

You can talk in the living room or bedroom by candlelight, slow dance to music by candlelight or have a romantic homemade dinner by candlelight.

Movie night can be romantic with your new man.

Rent a romantic movie for a night indoors with your new man. Find a romantic comedy, a sensual movie or any movie that might encourage a lively discussion afterward. Make sure that you find out what his tastes are in movies so that you both enjoy watching it together.

Make popcorn or have snacks to eat while you watch the movie to make the experience more fun and romantic.

Play board games with your new man.

Plan a night of playing games. If your new man likes to play games, plan an evening for just the two of you to play games for a little friendly competition and bonding. You can learn a lot about each other by playing together.

Play board games for two, for example: chess, checkers or backgammon. Or, you can play card games for two such as gin rummy, war or Phase 10. If you want to play video games, make sure that they facilitate two players so that one is not playing while the other becomes bored.

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  • Find out what your man's interests are and match them with what you like to do for the best date ideas.
  • Enlist ideas from your new man for romantic plans for the night. Surprises are nice, but it's okay to plan the night's activities together.


  • Don't sacrifice your desires to impress your man because that will lead to bitterness later.
  • If it is too cold or if it rains, you will need a backup plan when your primary plan is an outdoor activity.
  • Don't rush lovemaking--let it come naturally. In a new relationship, it is important to emotionally bond and get to know each other first.

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