How to Plan a Romantic Walk for Valentine's Day

A leisurely walk with your honey is one of the most romantic ways to mark Valentine's Day. Also, it doesn't cost much, if anything. A romantic walk is the perfect way to reconnect with your sweetheart and to remember what it was that attracted you to this person. Make the right preparations ahead of time and you will have a romantic walk to remember for years to come.

Check both of your schedules to avoid conflicts with work, social events or other activities.

Settle on a time of day you would like to have the walk. Write it in your calendar or datebook and commit to it.

Check the weather forecast. It won't be much fun to walk with your partner if both of you are bundled up and can only think about how cold it is outside. On the other hand, if you're appropriately dressed, walking in snow or rain can be highly romantic.

Choose the ideal route. You may want to plan on a historic part of town, a nature trail or the classic walk on the beach.

Decide how long you and your partner want to spend on your romantic walk.

Set the tone before the walk. Plan for no distractions from home, phone calls that have to be made or errands to run.

Pack something to eat or drink in a picnic box or basket. Depending on where you go you may be able to pack some wine or champagne. Otherwise, some fruit or a light snack would be appropriate.

Plan to bring a camera. You'll want to capture those romantic Valentine's Day moments when they come up.

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Things You Will Need

  • Calendar or datebook
  • Camera
  • Picnic basket or box
  • Something to eat or drink


  • A variation on this theme would be to pretend you and your partner are tourists. Bring a camera and take pictures of spots that conjure up memories, or create new memories.
  • A creative way to plan a Valentine's Day walk is to have the route mapped out in advance and to leave clues, messages or objects to find along the way.
  • A romantic walk at night may seem ideal, but also consider the early morning walk when the atmosphere may be calm and quiet.


  • Depending on where you go, you and your partner may run into friends or acquaintances and have your romantic walk broken up by the obligation to stop and talk. Plan your walk to avoid these interruptions.

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