How to Plan a Romantic Weekend

Planning the perfect romantic weekend may take some time and organizational skill, but the reward can be a lifetime of memories. From a cozy cabin in the mountains to a walk on a white sand beach, there are many ways to spend a romantic weekend. Here are some initial steps to plan a romantic weekend.

Consider what your partner would like to do. What is romantic to you may not be romantic to someone else.

Determine if your partner has any special traveling needs. Is there a fear of heights that would prevent flight plans?

Determine the need for childcare. Making childcare plans well in advance is a good way to make sure your romantic weekend is worry free.

Choose a destination by looking into the hotels, bed and breakfasts and cabins in your selected area.

Ask about the features of your place of stay. Do they have a king-sized bed, fireplace, hot-tub, and other romantic features? Many hotels cater to romantic weekends and offer special services like couples spa packages or a complementary bottle of champagne.

Research romantic restaurants and night clubs in the area. Make necessary reservations in advance.

Inform friends and your work that you will be gone for the weekend, and instruct them to not call your cell phone unless there is an emergency.

Bring romantic items from home to add to your setting, such as candles, flowers and bath gels. Would you like to add a bottle of wine to your weekend?

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Things You Will Need

  • lingerie
  • transportation
  • flowers
  • candles
  • travel services
  • garment bags
  • evening attire
  • accommodations
  • clothes
  • wine/champagne
  • bath gels/bubble bath


  • Buy new garments or perfumes to always remind your partner of your romantic weekend.
  • A spontaneous get-away is sometimes just as romantic as a planned one. Sometimes a trip to a nearby town can serve up just as much romance as a weekend in the mountains.
  • Keep an open mind when planning ideas for a romantic weekend. If you've always wondered how fun it would be to try snorkeling, give it a shot. Try also autumn walks in a New England town, a trip to a hot springs in the winter, a lodge at a ski resort.


  • Always practice safety when traveling to an unfamiliar place.

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