How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

You do not have to wait until Valentine's Day to plan a romantic weekend getaway for you and your partner. A romantic weekend is appreciated just as much (if not more) when it is not expected. That is not to say you should not rise to the occasion on special dates, but whatever the case, follow these instructions to plan a romantic weekend getaway.

Set a date, and make sure it is open. Check with your partner for a weekend when they're free to make sure there is plenty of time for romance.

Think about your partner. You should design your weekend with your partner in mind. Think about what they would like and what they would dislike. Music fans get concerts; movie fans get film festivals; gourmets get culinary tours.

Make the arrangements well ahead of time. You will need time to actually make the arrangements. This is especially true when you are planning your weekend during a busy time like Memorial Day weekend.

Get the supplies early. Do you need food or wine? Do you need any special garments or transportation? Don't plan on picking these things up at the destination or the day your weekend starts.

Fill in the gaps. Unplanned downtime can kill a romantic weekend. There's nothing wrong with relaxing on the beach if that's your plan, but you don't want to be stuck in a hotel lobby waiting for a room.

Make arrangements for your home. When you are leaving your home for your romantic weekend, make sure to have a house sitter or pet sitter in place. Make sure your mail, lawn and other responsibilities are taken care of.

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  • If you are planning on making the romantic weekend a surprise, then you might pretend to plan something less romantic with your partner, like a conference or a spring cleaning session. Then, at the last minute, pull them aside for the romantic weekend you planned all along.
  • Though it's important to have an itinerary, don't stay married to it. Flexibility is romantic, and if something doesn't work out or an opportunity arises, you need to be able to adapt.


  • Avoid obvious faux pas. Don't take her on a cruise if she gets seasick. Don't take him on a glider flight if he's afraid of heights.

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