How to Play Footsie

Playing footsie is a common flirtatious practice that many individuals engage in. Playing footsie can range from a mild flirtation to a sexual come-on depending on how it's done. A few easy steps can make you a pro at playing footsie.

Pick the right person. Because footsie is an overtly flirtatious act, you should be careful about who you play it with. If you play footsie with someone you're unsure of or not interested in, you could lead the person on.

Choose the appropriate time. The most common place to play footsie is under the table at a meal. However, other suitable times for playing footsie might include lounging on the couch, sitting on a bench or laying on the beach. Choose a quiet moment when you and your date are close together, relaxed and in the mood to flirt.

Be gentle. Footsie is played by removing the shoes and rubbing your foot against another's foot or up her leg. You can gently stroke your date's foot with your own, or if you really want to flirt, hook your ankles together. To crank footsie up a notch and communicate a sexual interest, slide your foot up your date's leg and toward her genitals.

Be natural. Playing footsie is an easy, low-pressure way to flirt and initiate physical contact, so try to relax. Gently touch your partner at first, and depending on his reaction, be more aggressive. Don't worry about your technique or how it feels to your partner because footsie is a relatively innocent act unless you make it otherwise.

Maintain eye contact and observe. Watch your date's reaction to your touch and react appropriately. If she doesn't seem to mind, keep going. If she looks taken aback or pulls away, you'll know that the time is not right.

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