Playable Dating Simulation Games

Dating simulation games allow the player to assume the role of someone encountering a potential date for the first time. Some playable dating simulation games require downloads, while others can be played online. Still others require the player to purchase special software. The goal of interactive simulation dating games is to increase the bond between your character and your potential date, and eventually to form an interactive virtual relationship.

RED Virtual Date

This free online simulation dating game is affiliated with America Online (AOL). It is aimed toward younger players (teens and up) and is a "clean" game. The game allows users to select their gender and the gender of their desired date. The next choice is a set of meeting places for the first encounter, including the beach, the university and a music store. The player then chooses from a selection of potential dates. Based on an interactive exchange between the player and the date, the outcome is either another encounter with a chance to develop closer ties, or the end of the game (if the potential date is not interested).

Speed Dating

Speed Dating is a free online game offered by Addicting Games. The player enters a first name and age, both of which can be fictitious, and chooses a gender. It is a "clean" game targeted toward adults. The game progresses through a series of brief interactive encounters with potential dates. The dates represent a series of types (actually stereotypes) of people such as preppies, hipsters and 1960s flower children. The outcome of each encounter is either a score (the date offers you a phone number) or a failure, with the potential date pronouncing you a loser.

The Sims: Hot Date

Hot Date is an expansion pack for the popular Sims live-action animated game by Maxis (through EA). The setting for Hot Date is primarily located "downtown," with a player's main Sim character avatar encountering one or more "townies" or inviting a current romantic interest on a venture downtown. The Sim character and his or her date have a choice of several activities, including dinner or going to the beach. The player generates continued interest by performing acts that are pleasing to the date; these either relate to an interest of the character or are actions like buying flowers. Hot Date is an adult game, with the potential for blurred-out R-rated encounters (called "woo hoo") between the player's Sim character and one or more characters not controlled by the player.

Downloadable Dating Simulation Games

The website features a range of downloadable dating simulation games. These include titles like Alphinator, designed as instructions for picking up women; Wings II Fragments of You, a visual novel where the player becomes a character; and Summer Schoolgirls, a game targeted toward girls where the player attempts to help out her in-game roommate. Some games are rated by both editors and users, some only by users and others (often the newest games) are not rated at all.

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