Post Breakup Tips

Breakups take time to get over.Breakups take time to get over.

Ending a relationship is never easy. Following a breakup, people grieve and mourn the loss just as they do when a loved one dies. Even if the relationship was not healthy or positive, breakups are still painful because they represent loss and change. There are numerous ways to help yourself heal following a breakup.


After a breakup, surround yourself with friends and supportive people. You may find it helpful to begin therapy or join a group for people going through similar losses. Talk about your feelings with supportive friends. Form new friendships. Start a new hobby, volunteer or join a gym or networking group. Following a difficult breakup, you may feel like being alone. However, this can lead to isolation and make the time more difficult.

Take Care of Yourself

After any type of loss, it can be difficult to complete simple tasks. A breakup often negatively affects self-esteem, and it is easy to stop taking care of yourself. Take time each day to nurture yourself to help yourself heal. Take baths, meditate, do yoga or find another healthy coping skill. Don't try to cope with negative emotions by using food, alcohol or drugs. Do physical exercise to boost your mood.


A breakup can produce a wide array of emotions from depression and anger to happiness. For generations, music has been written about the emotions of breakups. Use this to your advantage. Make play lists of breakup music. The act of finding the right songs to express your feelings will be healing itself. Listening to the music may also help you not feel so alone in your emotions. If you are creative, write songs or lyrics about your feelings.

Other Coping Skills

Writing in a journal can help you after a breakup. It is a way to organize and recognize feelings. If you have a lot of anger about the breakup, try kick boxing classes or some other form of physical activity. Read self-help books. Although they may seem cliche, the books will remind you that you are not alone and other people have survived. Some books have helpful worksheets to focus your energy on healing.

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