How to Prepare For a Blind Date

Getting ready for a blind date.Getting ready for a blind date.

Getting ready for a blind date can be a little more difficult than preparing for a date with someone you already know. You may wonder what style your date likes or how he'll be dressed. Approach this situation as an exciting opportunity to meet someone new, and you're bound to have more fun than if you look at it as a daunting task.

Step 1

Get as much information as you can beforehand regarding your date. If a mutual friend arranged the blind date, consult your friend to find out what you need to know about your blind date. You can find out a lot of great information that can help your blind date run more smoothly. For example, if your friend tells you that your blind date is an animal activist, you can then avoid some awkwardness by not wearing leather pants.

Step 2

Consider your destination. If you already have the entire date planned out, then dress accordingly for the things you're supposed to do. Don't wear jeans if you're going out for an elegant dinner; by the same token, don't dress formally if you're meeting up for some bowling. If you aren't sure what the blind date will entail, dress nicely in a way that will allow you to engage in a variety of activities.

Step 3

Consider comfort. You may think that you look best in stiletto heels or a three-piece suit, but whatever you wear should be comfortable enough that you can spend the date getting to know the other person, instead of thinking about how uncomfortable you feel. While you do want to look attractive for your date, you don't want to do it at the expense of your comfort.

Step 4

Prepare an escape plan in case you need it. You want to have a graceful way of ending the evening early if necessary, such as if your date is entirely too aggressive or the two of you just don't mesh well. Coordinate with a friend to call your cell phone midway through the date in case you need an excuse to cut things short.

Step 5

Be open-minded. Even if you never get nervous before a blind date, you should recognize that most people do experience at least a minor case of nervousness; for this reason, you should not immediately judge someone based on the very first impression you get. It may take a little while for your date to warm up and start acting naturally. Give your date the same consideration you would like someone to give you.

Step 6

Stay positive and have a great time. If you convince yourself that the date is destined to fail before it even begins, then it probably will fail.

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  • Make sure someone else knows where you will be going with your blind date. Meet your date in a public place to ensure safety.

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