How to Profit in the Dating Industry Market

Make a profit by promoting online dating sites and helping people find a date.Make a profit by promoting online dating sites and helping people find a date.

The dating industry has weathered the current financial debacle in the United States quite nicely. Those involved in the dating market make steady profits thanks to the popularity of online dating sites. You too can profit in the dating industry market by setting up your own website or blog, and by becoming an affiliate of some of the top-rated dating sites. You'll earn commissions and bonuses for promoting these sites on your blog or website.

Visit eHarmony's Affiliate Resource Center page and join to earn payouts for people you refer to the site. You'll need to provide your website or blog name so that eHarmony knows how you will be promoting its service. You will also need to provide your full name, address, contact information and payment information. When you're accepted as an affiliate, you'll receive a personalized link to display on your site or blog. This link tracks people who visit eHarmony's site by clicking on it. If someone visits eHarmony through your link and subscribes to the dating service, you'll get credit for that subscription. Your commission depends on the length of service to which your visitor subscribed. You can promote eHarmony in Canada, the UK and the United States.

Navigate to the affiliate program page and join. You'll apply through Commission Junction and provide information such as your website or blog name as well as your personal details, which are necessary to receive payments. When you're approved, you'll receive an affiliate link as well as other resources. The amount of money you can earn depends on the type of subscription you refer. also awards bonuses to top performers.

Click on the affiliate page and join. is known for its accurate personality test that helps people find good matches. With this dating service you can become an affiliate through Linkshare or Commission Junction. To get approved, as with the other sites, you'll need to provide personal information for payment purposes, plus your blog or website name. You'll receive an affiliate link and other resources so you can promote the service. affiliates all earn 100 percent commission when referring first-time subscribers. Payouts with vary depending on the type of subscriptions you refer.

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Things You Will Need

  • You own website or blog


  • You can get a free website by using services such as or Weebly. If you want to pay for your own website Go Daddy is a reliable service.
  • Make sure that your website's name is related to the dating industry. For instance, you can name it something like ""
  • There is no charge to become an affiliate for any of these online dating services.
  • For best results you can write review for each web service on your blog or website and promote all three services. This way you are offering more options, and your chances of getting a subscription will increase.
  • Write valuable and original content on your blog or website so people know that you are a credible source.

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