Pros of Dating a Single Mom

Some men are not interested in dating single mothers because one stereotype of single mothers revolves around the idea they have no time to spend with a guy to build a meaningful relationship. While this may be true for some single mothers, many single mothers can fit in dating if they choose. There are several advantages to dating a single mom because she often prefers to take a relationship slowly, she is often more easygoing and mature and she has greater stability in their lives.

Willing to Take Relationships Slowly

Some single mothers may have bad relationships with the father of their children, which can make them hesitant to rush into a serious relationship or marriage. They do not feel the same need to commit because they are not pressured to have children. This is not to say that single mothers are promiscuous or want to have many different relationships. Instead, many single mothers prefer to take relationships slowly and not rush into a serious commitment too soon.


Single moms know it is not possible to have a perfect life or a perfect relationship. They know that life can be unpredictable and that unexpected things may happen. This means they are more likely to be easygoing and to live day to day. Single moms are less likely to obsess over their romantic relationships because they have their child (or children) as their first priority.


Most single moms are mature, strong women. After raising a child on their own, they have learned to survive on their own resources in difficult times. They have experienced both the pleasures and the challenges of parenthood and have learned to deal with many different situations in life.

Greater Life Stability

Women who are single mothers often have to learn to live with less or make sacrifices for their children. They often have great financial skills, time management skills and domestic skills because they have taken on many responsibilities. Single mothers often have more stable lives and jobs because they are concerned with providing the best possible life for their children.

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