The Psychological Needs of Men

The psychological needs of men are largely based on acceptance and respect.The psychological needs of men are largely based on acceptance and respect.

The psychological needs of men and women are startlingly similar. Inherently, men and women crave the same physiological and psychological needs. However, if lacking in all areas, men and women alike are likely to crave something that they need physically to survive, such as food. Men's psychological needs do differ from women's in that they go about problem-solving very differently. According to psychologist Michael G. Connor, women attempt problems by looking at multiple angles while men dissect a problem and cover one area at a time. Also, women tend to hold memories in terms of emotions, while men tend to recall memories by reconstructing the actual experience. By understanding the differences between men's and women's psychological needs, people can better understand how to cooperate in relationships with one another.

Sense of Belonging

Men feel the need to belong to a group. They crave respect and admiration from others in order to maintain self esteem. Respect from others offers affirmation that they are living a proper life in that they are making enough money or being a good father and partner. Men need affirmation as much as women when it comes to relationships with friends, family members and lovers. In order to be psychologically healthy, men need to feel as though they are accepted by the people that they interact with on a regular basis.


In order to maintain a sense of pride, men need to feel competent and smart. They like to know that they know what they are doing, that they are adequate problem solvers. This is also a sign of independence, that they can take care of themselves. Socially, men are trained to be the providers and the first step to becoming a provider is maintaining competence and caring for oneself.

Love and Affection

As with women, men need love and affection. They need to feel as though their family members love and support them. Men enjoy and need physical affection in order to feel emotionally complete. This can be anywhere from receiving hugs from their parents and children to making love with their partner. Though some men are naturally less affectionate than others, they still crave affection, it just may be in smaller doses than men who are less emotionally stifled.

Self Actualization

Men need to form self actualization in order to be emotionally healthy. Every man needs his own interests and sense of identity. Everyone needs to feel unique and special. This is usually recognized through hobbies or interests. This can be anything from avid reading to hockey playing. Men need to feel as if they are good at something, to feel as though they have and maintain personal interests outside of relationships and work.

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