How to Publish My Dating Story

Publish your dating story online for fast responses.Publish your dating story online for fast responses.

When you have an interesting dating story, you have a vehicle to entertain and inspire others. If you have written your dating story into a short article or full-length novel, you have completed the first step to inspiring or warning others by your experience. Publishing your document is the next step, and you have many options. Whether you want to publish online or on paper, for bragging rights or copyrights, publishing your dating story is within your reach with just a little effort.

Preparing your Story

Be sure to check your story for format problems.

Step 1

Double-check your dating story for typing errors and grammatical problems. Make sure it is perfect before presenting it for publication.

Ask a friend for an honest response to your dating story.

Step 2

Ask friends to read your story and critique it. Be sure to consider their comments and fix any issues they may have brought forward.

An intriquing query letter is your foot in the door with a publisher.

Step 3

Prepare a query letter. Query letters are your first contact with publishers to pitch your dating story. Include a brief excerpt from the story to pique their interest.

Smaller magazines often "pay" with free copies to authors.

Step 4

Consider unpaid publication if you are a first time author. Accepting publication for a byline or free copies is a great way to get your foot in the door and get some publication “clips,” or writing samples to show other publishers in the future.

Finding a Publisher

Dating sites need content to keep their members on the webpage.

Step 1

Contact online dating sites that offer dating articles to their clients. Some sites like Plenty of Fish have a blog that you may be able to write for, while others like eHarmony have an advice page that may be interested in your story.

Blog authors are often open to guest writers.

Step 2

Browse dating advice and relationship blogs online. Contact the publisher and offer them your story for publication.

Writing your own blog can be fun and profitable.

Step 3

Start your own blog. Blogs are free and easy for those with a little computer experience to create. Publish your own story and let it be a starting point for your own relationship or dating blog.

Dating services love to inspire their clients with a great dating story.

Step 4

Offer your story to dating or relationship businesses for publication on websites or newsletters. Dating services like speed dating companies or dating profile-writing businesses may be looking for content to send their clients.

Target magazines that publish stories like yours.

Step 5

Pick up a copy of your favorite magazine. Periodicals like “Cosmopolitan” and “Men’s Health” will buy and publish articles on relationships, and you can find out the contact details within the first few pages of the magazine.

Browse the library for copies of writer's guideline books.

Step 6

Look through writer publishing guidelines books such as “Writer’s Market” by Robert Lee Brewer to find potential magazine or anthology publishers who focus on dating or relationship material.

Community newspapers publish human interest stories.

Step 7

Send your article to your local community paper or regional arts newspaper. Publications like this are receptive to printing reader’s material.

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  • Focus your publication search to fit into Valentine’s Day holiday issues. Send your material out at least four months prior to the holiday to give the publisher time to review your work.


  • Don’t expect to make a lot of money on your dating story. Unless you are a celebrity or previously published author, chances are you’ll have to build up your credentials before making good money on your dating story.
  • Negotiate to keep your copyright to your story. Most publications will want to take ownership of your material, but if you are not getting paid well for your story, keep your copyright so you can sell it again and again.
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