How to React to a Guy Flirting

When a guy flirts with you, he's determining whether or not you're open to hanging out with him, dating him or hooking up with him. How you react when a guy flirts with you, lets him know your level of interest.

React to a Guy You Like

Smile and laugh when talking to the guy. This is the first sign that you find him attractive, funny, smart and worth talking with. Remember that he's just as nervous flirting with you as your are flirting back with him, and a smile helps ease nerves.

Make eye contact when you two talk. This doesn't mean stare at him with a blank expression, but rather let your eyes do some of the talking. Give him flirty eye contact during moments of silence, along with a little smile.

Compliment him on what he's wearing, his hair, his cologne, his job or anything else that impresses you about him. Make sure the compliment is sincere and not a complimentary cliché about eye color or a beautiful smile.

Flirt with the guy by leaning into him and speaking quietly, during parts of your conversation. This causes both of you to get close together and slightly touch.

Touch your hair or your collarbone area seductively. This draws his attention to your face, and the movement with your hands subconsciously helps keep you calm and collected.

React to a Guy You Don't Like

Smile weakly, or stay expressionless, when you don't want a guy flirting with you. The first reaction a guy checks is your facial expression. If you show interest on your face, even if you're not interested, he takes this as a positive sign.

Turn your body away from him by talking to a friend or turning to get something. This is a clear signal that you're not interested, and he'll probably leave you alone.

Tell him you have a boyfriend and that you're just enjoying time with friends. If he persists, tell him you have an extremely big, extremely jealous boyfriend, who tends to check on you unannounced.

Turn him down with honesty. Tell him that you're not interested, but you appreciate the effort.

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  • If a guy persists on flirting when you've made it clear you're not interested, leave with friends and go someplace else.


  • Don't try to impress a guy by flirting with another guy. If a guy flirts with you, he's not looking to play jealousy games.

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