How to Read a Guy's Face

The expressions on a guy's face can tell you more than what he is saying.The expressions on a guy's face can tell you more than what he is saying.

Body language is an important aspect of communication. The body, and the face, in particular, can often give you a hint as to what a person is thinking or feeling. A guy's face can be a challenge to read when dating him or simply getting to know him. Luckily, there are certain guidelines you can follow in order to read a man's face.

Powerful eye contact between two people could mean dominance, interest or affection.

Pay attention to how he is looking at you. Look at his eyes; if his gaze is long and piercing, it could mean he is interested in you or wants dominance. According to "Cosmopolitan" magazine, you may think he is smitten, but he could be playing with you. Holding a long, intense gaze is not natural, so he may be trying to take advantage of you. Look at his eyebrows, as well. If he raises them, he could be surprised, curious and/or interested.

A genuine laugh shows great pleasure or happiness.

Take note of his mouth. "Science Daily" claims that in the United States, where emotions are openly expressed, emotions can be interpreted through the mouth. Notice whether he is smirking, smiling or frowning, and this will give you a good idea of how he is feeling. A yawn may mean boredom or indifference. Covering his mouth may indicate a negative emotion; he could be lying or trying to cover up something.

If he tilts his head side to side, he is uncertain.

Look at the way he is carrying his head. If his head tilts sideways, he is showing interest in you or your conversation, or he wants to know more. Notice whether his head is pulled back while tilting, because this could show a sign of suspicion. If his head does not move at all during a conversation, this could indicate that he is serious. However, if an unmoving head is accompanied by distant eyes, then he is thinking of something else and is not interested in what you are saying.

A genuine smile is large and can be seen in the eyes.

Smile at him and see if he smiles back. Smiles indicate overall happiness and can tell you whether the man you are conversing with is enjoying your company. Pay attention to whether his whole face is engaged in the smile or just his lips. If his lips are the only thing smiling, then it is probably a false or forced smile. A half smile (on only one side of the face) can indicate sarcasm, uncertainty or that he is not serious.

Speak to him and watch how he speaks to you, as speech can send many signals. If his mouth does not move a lot, or if he mumbles, it could mean shyness or fear. If his mouth moves a lot while he speaks, this could mean excitement or the need to dominate. Slow speaking could indicate a thoughtful man, and that he is interested in making sure you understand what he is saying.

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  • Do not jump to conclusions solely based on facial expressions, but pair them up with what he is actually saying.
  • Keep in mind that some men naturally have expressive faces while others may not.
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