Reasons for Breakups

Sometimes couples disagree.Sometimes couples disagree.

Most people get hurt from breaking up, whereas others are relieved. It can depend on how long you were together and how much you loved each other. The truth is that sometimes couples are just not suited for each other. They may have different interests and want different things. They might even have different social circles. Relationships like this can work, but unfortunately not always. People say opposites attract, and although this can be true, it still can be hard for them to be together in a successful relationship.

They Don't Really Know Each Other

Thinking about the relationship.

In haste we fall in love or sometimes become infatuated with a person. We overlook the things that are important to us in a relationship. We like the beginning part of it. We love the excitement and easily get caught up in the romance of it all. We then realize that we didn't really know each other very well, and maybe we don't even like each other. Therefore, ending it seems like the best answer.

Non-Trust Issues

A couple suspicious of one another.

Unfortunately, some people have a lot of non-trust issues. It can stem back to their childhood or develop from having a bad relationship in the past. This can cause many problems. Even though the one they're not trusting can be the most trustworthy person in the world, they have a difficult time trusting them. The effects that this has on a relationship are tiring for both parties. One may get wrongfully accused or asked way too many questions. This can cause them to want out. Or sometimes the person who can't seem to trust can't do it anymore and they will end the relationship.

Wanting Different Things With No Room For Compromise

A house with a white picket fence.

Wanting different things in life is a common reason for breaking up. One person may want marriage, children or to purchase a home together. The other may just be satisfied with the way things are. One person may love the outdoors and the other is content just to stay home and watch television. Of course, there are not any couples that want exactly the same things, but communicating and compromising are key factors for a successful relationship. If one can't weigh out what is more important, such as the relationship or things they want, this can be yet another reason for a breakup. Ideally, desires or goals should be communicated before getting involved. Couples that find themselves in this situation sometimes can't seem to compromise.



One person in the relationship may have an addiction. Be it alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography, this can create a lot of tension. Also, people who are addicted to these things have a hard time admitting it and seeking help. This can cause hiding or secrets, which are bad for any relationship. Often one person in the relationship will give an ultimatum and the failure of not being able to carry through with an empty promise can cause one to leave.

Don't Get Along, Sick and Tired of Fighting

A cat and dog being friendly with one another.

Everyone has seen the love/hate relationship or maybe even been in one. These couples are so in love but fight like cats and dogs. After awhile they either get their act together and find a way to get along, or they get out. This can be an exhausting type of relationship.


Cheating at cards

Cheating causes lying, and lying ultimately can cause the death of a relationship. Many people don't understand what it means to be monogamous. They might think that what their partner doesn't know won't hurt them. Although sometimes people don't intentionally want to hurt the other person, this is usually the final outcome.

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