Reasons Why Guys Isolate From a Girl They Like

There are likely reasons why your guy seems distant.There are likely reasons why your guy seems distant.

While it would seem logical for a guy to stick close to the girl he likes, being with her as often as he can, in many cases, guys do the opposite. If the man with whom you are forming a relationship seems to be keeping you at a distance, this may not be a sign that he isn’t into you, but instead simply a common guy move. While seemingly illogical to women, this distancing behavior by men may have a number of reasons behind it.


The beginning of a relationship is a time of uncertainty and confusion for many guys.

For many guys, the beginning of a relationship is a time of uncertainty and confusion. This uncertainty as to what they want and what this new relationship means can lead some guys to push the ladies they like away from them, avoiding the relationship and, by connection, the complex emotions it brings about. In dealing with guys who are uncertain, moving forward with the relationship, developing a routine and becoming more familiar with him will remedy the issue, as once these elements happen, the reluctant-to-handle-emotions guy will become less unsure and snuggle closer.

Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection makes some guys move closer to the girls they like.

Nobody likes being rejected. Some guys, in an attempt to avoid the sting of rejection, decline to move closer to the girls they like. If the man who is currently distancing himself from you seems to be fearful of being rejected, you may be able to help him by increasing the number of signs of affection you give, says Cosmopolitan magazine. If you make it clear to him that he is not going to suffer rejection, he may be able to push this fear out of his mind and get closer to you, as you want him to.

Playing It Cool

Men will try to play it cool.

When embarking on new relationships, men are often eager to create a cool persona and, in an attempt to do so, keep their distance. Such moves as clinging to a romantic partner are, to many guys, simply not cool. If trying to impress girls, guys may avoid calling too quickly, try to appear detached and work to avoid looking needy, leading them to distance themselves from their new romantic partners and, potentially, harm the fragile relationship. While nothing you can do can really rid your guy of this false idea of what makes him "cool," you can make it clear to him that you think that forming a close relationship is, in fact, cool.

Doing It for His Friends

Many men spend a great deal of time worrying about what their friends think.

Many men spend a large amount of time worrying about what their friends think. While being close may seem desirable to you, to a guy's friend, always being with a girl can seem less than desirable. If a guy seems to distance himself from you specifically when in the company of his friends, it could be a sign that he is trying to maintain his rep. There is probably little you can do to change the fact that he feels he needs to convey a certain image to his friends; however, you can encourage him to become closer to you by telling him, explicitly, how important it is, and see if he'll do as you ask.

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