Reasons Why Women Don't Date

Many women choose not to date for a variety of reasons.Many women choose not to date for a variety of reasons.

Dating is hard for everyone. For women, it's a slightly scarier situation than for most men as safety is more of a concern. The majority of people, however, do manage to get over their fears and find time for dating. However, some still have excuses. Several common reasons exist for avoiding the sometimes stressful dating scene, ranging from lack of time to children.

No Time

One of the most common excuses among women is lack of time. This holds especially true for corporate women, many of whom work full-time jobs, sometimes working into the weekend. The key aspect with time is that it is only an excuse if you let it be an excuse. By merely freeing up a couple of hours on the weekend--which can often be done by cutting out a small slice of television or Internet time--you can find more time for your dating life.


Another noble, but often inhibiting excuse, is being a parent. Dating can be tough for parents, especially since decisions are made for two people, you and your child. Although it might keep women from dating due to fears of hurting the child, if done appropriately, single moms can find happiness in the dating scene. The key is being extremely stringent. If someone doesn't appear that they'll be a good step-parent, then it's time to move on.

Not My Type

Women are notorious for using the common line: "He's just not my type." Although this is legitimate in many circumstances, it can often be used to mask the fear of dating. Some women have unrealistic standards, which might focus on superficial standards, such as material possessions and aesthetic appearance. For these women, using this excuse can be detrimental as it can cause them to pass up on potentially compatible matches.

Finding People

Some women--especially those that are older--often won't date with the excuse of a lack of available singles. This might be true for those that limit their social circle. However, with a few lifestyle changes, women can drastically increase their access to single men. The first step is to consider online dating. It provides access to thousands of locals and allows you to navigate easily through profiles until you find someone that interests you. If no other positives can be found from the roughly 50 percent divorce rate, singles can look forward to the continuous fresh batch of singles hitting the dating scene all the time. Other simple changes, such as joining social groups and networking through friends, can be extremely effective methods as well.

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