How to Recognize Romantic Signs of Interest

Romance can be found anywhere and with anyone. But how do you know for sure if that person is interested in you romantically or not? It's not always easy to tell, but these signs may help clue you in.

Watch for eye contact. If you catch someone watching you when he thinks you’re not watching him, it’s a good sign that he is interested.

Watch for body language. A gentle touch on the arm or standing close can be interpreted as interest.

Watch for nervousness. A person may act nervous around you if she is interested in you romantically, but are unsure of how you feel towards her.

Watch for blushing. Along with acting nervous, a person who is interested in you may blush often when you are around.

Watch for repeated contact. If a person is romantically interested in you, he will go out of hid way to make contact with you as often as possible.

Watch for imitations of your personality. A person who is interested in you may begin to take up some of your interests to let you know that you may have something in common.

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  • If you feel that someone is interested in you romantically and you return the interest, don’t be afraid to approach her about it first. She may be too shy to approach you and you both may miss out on something wonderful.
  • If someone approaches you romantically and you have no interest, let him down easy. It took a lot of nerve to approach you and that deserves respect. However, don’t lead him on. If you are not interested, tell him honestly, but gently.

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