How to Recover From a Bad Date

That special someone seemed nice, cute and just the perfect individual for you. Bad dates occur for many reasons, and they should never be blamed on either party. A time and place is determined for the date and you are excited. Just a short while into the date you realize this was a bad decision based on you date's behavior and an uneasy comfort level on your part. The best thing to do is politely make it through the date and reflect upon the incident after you return home.

Step 1

Go easy on yourself. Do not blame the bad date on either party. Realize everyone has a bad date every now and then.

Step 2

Reflect on the night and pinpoint what went wrong. Think through the conversation and decide if the date was bad or you were just interpreting things wrong. Everyone has a bad night every now and then. Reassess the situation to see if the date was as bad as you thought it was. Decide whether another date could be fun. First impressions are not always the right impression.

Step 3

Take a deep breath and laugh. Call, text or chat online with a friend about the date. Let go of the frustration and laugh about the situation. Focus on the funny side of the date to release the feelings of frustration from the bad date.

Step 4

Take a short break from dating to get your head on straight before seeing other individuals. Several bad dates in a row causes a person to become unsure of himself. Be patient and get to know yourself again. Go out with some friends and get back into the swing of enjoying other people's company.

Step 5

Learn from the bad date. Change your behavior if you were the one that caused the problems. Think before you speak or act if the date was bad because of unnecessary or inappropriate comments or actions from you. Look for warning signs in prospective dates if the date caused the problems. Be aware of those things that you do not like in another person and stay away from that personality type.

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