How to Rekindle a Troubled Relationship

You and your partner may grow distant if you don't put in the effort.You and your partner may grow distant if you don't put in the effort.

Relationships that begin with fiery passion and romance can, with time, die out. This kind of passion, according to Frugal Zeitgeist, usually lasts a few years in most relationships, also sometimes known as "the honeymoon period." After this period ends, keeping things together takes work from both you and your partner. You may need to open lines of communication and face the question of whether the relationship is worth saving.

Communicate frankly with your partner. Acknowledge that the relationship is on the rocks and that both of you want to rekindle it. Decide what needs to be done to save the relationship.

Take action towards change. Change your routine. Keeping things the same every day may make the relationship dull. Find ways to surprise your partner or just try new hobbies together. Take a vacation.

Take some time off from romance, or time off from the relationship altogether. Spend time apart and the later reunion will be all the more special.

Stay calm through this period. Fear or paranoia will only make the situation worse. Also, whatever you do, don't fight with your partner or yell, as such things will only quicken the relationship's demise.

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