Relationship Building Games for Couples

Maintaining a relationship is no easy task. Balancing work, kids, school, social lives and all of the other distractions that arise with your significant other can prove to be stressful and difficult. Find time to play a couple of short relationship building games with each other. These games will build trust, open communication and help to address any stress that may be simmering under the surface.

Question Game

You would be surprised how much you do not know about your partner. Take 15 to 30 minutes out of your day to play a question game. The rules of the game are simple -- ask your partner any question you like, and he will answer truthfully. Next, he asks you a question. Asking about your partner’s history, aspirations, emotions or struggles is an excellent method for learning more about him and earning new levels of trust.

Co-Op Video Games

While video games are not usually considered relationship-building devices, there are several benefits to playing games in which you can be on the same team. Working as a team helps you to understand how your partner approaches and solves difficult challenges and improves communication between the two of you. Additionally, when the two of you accomplish a difficult task together, it strengthens your emotional bonds.

Favors Game

If you lead a busy life, you may find it hard to step away from the chaos to do nice things for your partner. Your partner may experience a similar situation. Use the favors game to create an excuse to do something nice for your partner. Once a week, allow your partner to ask you for a simple favor. This favor can be something like giving a massage, having a dinner out or running to the store for your favorite ice cream. Give your partner the same opportunity to help find time to do nice things for one another.

Secret Message

Each of you starts off with a pen, paper and envelope. On the paper, write one of your most interesting fantasies or something nice you would like your partner to do for you. Seal the message in the envelope. Have your partner do the same. Plan a special night to go to a nice dinner, then sit down, open the other person's message and try to deliver on the favor asked by your partner. This is an excellent way to build trust and add a little spice to your relationship.

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