How to Respond to a Guy Hitting on You

Determine your level of interest in a guy who is hitting on you.Determine your level of interest in a guy who is hitting on you.

When you're out, either alone or with friends, it is possible that someone will be attracted to you and make romantic advances. Whether or not you are interested, it's important to be prepared so that you can politely react to the advances and make your response clear. Having a guy hit on you can open the door to a new relationship or leave you needing to politely decline, depending on whether or not you're available to date or interested.

If You're Interested

Step 1

Smile and respond kindly to his comments. Make it clear that you are available and interested in talking to him.

Step 2

Talk with him for a while to get to know him a little better. This will give you a clearer indication of whether or not you would enjoy going on a date with him.

Step 3

Offer your own phone number if the conversation is going well. This gives him a way to contact you later and set up a date.

Step 4

Respond to his call when he phones you. Avoid playing mind games or trying to wait before responding. Be open to making plans to see where the romance leads.

If You're Not Interested

Step 1

Smile politely, but let him know that you're not interested or you're unavailable. Avoid hinting at it; be clear with what you say and what you mean by it.

Step 2

Move to a different area or leave if he doesn't stop hitting on you. Alternately, you can ask someone else in the building to talk to him so that he leaves you alone.

Step 3

Ask him to stop if he begins harassing you with his advances after you've turned him down. Let him know that you won't tolerate harassment and are open to phoning the police if need be.

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  • Always be concise about what you're looking for and how you feel about him hitting on you. Hinting can easily be taken the wrong way and cause him to feel as though you're interested or leading him on.


  • Be aware of your surroundings and trust you instincts if you feel something isn't right.
  • Never leave a drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger. This can leave you vulnerable to a date rape drug.
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