How to Get a Response When Online Dating

Online dating may lead to long-term relationship.Online dating may lead to long-term relationship.

The evolution of the Internet has changed nearly everything in our lives, including dating. Many online dating websites exist to help people in the dating game. You may choose online dating if you're too busy for traditional dating or if you want easier access to potential dates. One of the problems with online dating is getting a response when you indicate you're interested in someone. Since online dating removes the personal aspect of meeting someone, you'll have to employ creative strategies to start receiving responses.

Step 1

Join as a full paid member. Many online dating websites have two membership types: paid and free. Free memberships often do not allow you to message someone or receive messages from others.

Step 2

Upload a profile picture. The person you're interested in will not take you seriously if you do not post a picture of yourself. Having a blank profile picture makes people think that you have something to hide or you are scared to expose yourself on the Internet.

Step 3

Fill out all of your personal information. All dating sites are set up differently, but each one allows you to create a profile and list your personal information, such as your likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies and job. Creating a fleshed-out profile tells the person you're interested in that you've put some thought and effort into landing a date.

Step 4

Send the person a message; don't poke, prod or whistle. Most dating websites have a "Poke" or similarly worded feature that basically tells the person you're poking you think she is attractive, but not enough to send a message. Poking someone doesn't tell that person what you think makes them attractive or what you two have in common, and it won't result in many replies.

Step 5

Begin your message with an interesting opening. Saying "Hi" isn't an attention grabber. Your opening line doesn't have to sound majestic, but it has to sound better than generic openings. Saying something as simple as "Howdy" differs from the norm and usually catches people off-guard.

Step 6

Speak grammatically correctly. Misspelling a word or placing a comma in the wrong spot isn't going to make anyone automatically reject you. So-called netspeak or text-message speak, however, will usually lead to a very low percentage of replies. Saying "Ur" instead of "You're" doesn't sound very intelligent, and that doesn't bode well for getting a message in return.

Step 7

Mention something from the person's profile. When you craft your message, it's important to show the person that you've read his profile. Saying "I love dogs" when his profile clearly states he is not a dog lover isn't going to result in a reply. If he states in his profile that his favorite vacation spot is the beach, you could mention that the beach is your favorite vacation spot too and then proceed to tell a short, engaging story about one of your trips to the beach.

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  • Avoid sounding boring in both your profile information and your message. Saying "I like to fish" sounds boring when compared to "I've been fishing since I was 10, and I still try to make it to the lakes once a week."
  • Your profile picture should be a closeup of you. Make sure no one else is in the picture.

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