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Dating in 2011 is certainly not as simple as the days when asking someone to "go steady" was sufficient to solidify a relationship. Between cell phones, email, text messaging and social network profiles, you have almost too many options when you want to flirt or ask someone out. All of this technology, combined with hectic work and social schedules, also leaves less time for the old-fashioned art of romance; wooing via text message is not the same as in person.

Human Contact

You can use the Internet to your advantage for dating, but don't let it become your primary method of communication. Use email and social network profiles to get to know someone and ask them out, then once you've met in person use more traditional methods of communication. On the same note, don't send a text message when you could make a phone call. Text messages might feel safer, but in the time it takes to send your message and wait for a response, you could have had a direct answer over the phone.

Find Your Mojo

It's important to be confident and secure with yourself when dating, which is often easier said than done. Figure out what it is that makes you feel attractive, whether it be a get-ready routine, a special article of clothing or listening to a song that puts you in a good mood. Finding your mojo and feeling good about yourself puts an extra bounce in your step and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Master the Art of Eye Contact

Whether you are trying to ask someone out or are already on a date, mastering the art of eye contact can seriously improve your dating and romance skills. Use eye contact from afar to show someone if you are interested. Women can use eye contact to show a man it's OK to approach, and men can use eye contact to see if a woman wants to be approached.

Be A Good Listener

When you are on a date or in a relationship, listening is key. When you listen to someone attentively and remember what she says, it confirms that you are genuinely interested in her and are therefore paying attention. If a person mentions that he just bought a new book, ask him how he's enjoying it the next time you talk. He will be flattered and smitten that you remembered small details from your conversation.

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