Romance: How to Know if a Man Likes You

Find out whether a man is interested in you.Find out whether a man is interested in you.

If you are attracted to a man, chances are that all you are thinking about is whether he returns the feelings. If you are too shy to ask him directly, all that is left is for you to decipher the signals he's sending you. Determine whether the man of your dreams likes you back by looking for some key clues.

Think about how often he is around you. If a man makes an effort to be around you, even when he doesn't have to, chances are that he seriously likes you. After all, no one goes out of their way to be around somebody they don't like. If you constantly run into a man at your local grocery store (and he seems really happy to see you), perhaps your always running into him isn't so coincidental.

Ask yourself if you catch him staring at you a lot. If you are always catching a man gazing in your direction, especially when he thinks that you're not looking, it means that he (literally) cannot keep his eyes off of you. If you return his gaze and he rapidly looks away, this probably indicates that he's embarrassed and a little sheepish about being caught.

Consider whether he talks to you a lot. If a man goes out of his way to strike up conversation with a woman, that means he's interested in what she has to say and wants to learn more about her. If you're across the room and he makes his way to you in order to say hello, that is a sure clue that you are on his mind a lot.

Ponder whether he seems to have a lot in common with you. When a man is attracted to a woman, he will often try to align himself with her by finding some common ground. If you speak with a man and he seems to like a lot of the things that you like, whether it's dramatic films or playing badminton, he probably is trying to establish a sense of unity with you.

Think about whether he is complimentary to you. When a man likes a woman, he often will be very complimentary to her and praise her about everything from her brains to her physical beauty. If a man never seems to mention other girls and is always trying to make you feel like the only one in the universe, he most surely is interested in you.

Take note of whether he inquires about your personal life. If a man constantly seems to be curious about whether you are seeing someone, he is indicating to you that he's interested. He most likely is trying to subtly tell you that he wants to fill the position of your boyfriend.

Ask his friends. Chances are, he's told his friends about his feelings for you if he likes you. Just don't be surprised if it gets back to him that you asked.

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  • The only way to know for sure whether a guy likes you is by asking him directly. Don't be afraid to be upfront. Men often find it attractive and exciting when women are direct.

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